2014 Proven Tactics for Ranking in SEO

2014 is just a few days away now. When 2014 came in search engine optimization what it will have stored. For experienced in SEO you will know that it will take some planning and you need to look ahead. Turning a blind eye in the future means your search ranking could suffer. Google has changed the SEO landscape over the past years. With update like a panda, penguin, and now hummingbird, SEO has changed continuously. Here are some expected dramatic changes of Google in 2014. And tips to adopt the strategies.

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Will Google Take Action Against Guest Blogging

It should be safe to say that some form of guest blogging will always be considered legal.  If you post your guest post on authoritative blogs this will say something about your importance, legitimacy and authority on the web. It’s tough to imagine the future where this would not be a useful ranking signal for Google. At the same time it is very surprising that Google takes some kind of action against the Guest Blogging. Today guest blogging is a place of article marketing and the quality of these posts should be higher. Various sites that accept the guest blogging are starting to resemble the article directories of yesteryear. Google is interested to target these sites. And maybe take action against the low quality guest post. Panda is doing this already some extent but some additional steps Google take place which hasn’t taken yet.

  1. Identify the pages which are developed by the company they are linking to
  2. Identify same signature or bio pages and filter out those links.
  3. Identify the site whose maximum content is carried out by guest poster and filter the outbound links of these sites.

There is very good chance that Google will ignore or reduce the strength of these links as a ranking signal. These changes are coming in 2014 so it is safe to say that the guest blogging is going to lose at least some of its SEO value. One crucial thing remembers during your own link building, it would be worth as a no-follow link.  They allow you to other benefits that comes to SEO otherwise.

  • Will the link send the enough traffic to be worth the effort?
  • Will the link attract the enough traffic to generate the natural, editorial links?
  • Will the guest post allow you to reach on social networks in a way that wouldn’t be possible on your own blog?
  • Will the guest post authoritative enough to earn the high quality guest post in the future.
  • Will this guest post be authoritative enough to boost your conversion rate?

Imagine building of enough links from high quality sources that the referral traffic alone earns gain. This can be done.

Will Penguin Be Incorporated into the Algorithm

If Google successfully incorporates penguin into the main algorithm, then we will see a situation of link penalty. These changes make it impossible for webmaster to tell whether they are penalizing for content or link. If you are not receiving any notification from webmaster tools, you sure the effect is not from the manual penalty so this is ruled out. Before deciding it is penalty ruled out the following possibilities.

Few Points –

  1. Interest in topic simple may warn. You will need to check if your ranking changed.
  2. Competition may grow more difficult. Have your competitors more aggressive with their promotional efforts.
  3. You may not hit directly sites that have linked you lost their ranking, stop linking to you.

When you have ruled out these possibilities then you will need to consider you loss your ranking because of on-page or off-page issue.


What Changes Might We See in Webmaster Tools

Some of the changes might be happening in the next year. It may not be necessary.

  1. Best report on spam, errors, bugs and other issues.
  2. Ability to download cached version of your site.
  3. Advice on site maintenance.
  4. Good tools for finding and reporting duplicate content
  5. Identify invalid pages. etc

It might be better to assume that we lost the last bit of keyword data that we have left. At this point your target is on which content is driven the most visits and, as opposed to the keyword themselves.

What Does Hummingbird say About the Future of SEO

This update focused on conversational search. The aim is to better interpret the long search query. The important change is Google replaces long tail keyword phrases to more mainstream press, sometime it drops the entire word. We should be looking to our title and asking ourselves the meaning of it. If this meaning is same to the search query, then we should evaluate it.

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